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Ruby Red Devon Cattle


Our herd of Ruby Reds, also known as North Devons or simply Devons, are our pride and joy. They are prized for the qualities which are valued as much today as in the times of our forebears.


The Red Ruby Devon is recognised internationally for its ability to produce the very finest beef on a low input system. In their lifetime our cattle will only ever live off their mother's milk and lush grassland, with our own hay from the river meadow to keep them going through the winter months. These low input qualities ensure the Red Ruby Devon has a future as strong as its heritage is rich and can justly lay claim to being “part of farming’s future”.


There is no finer sight at the quiet of an evening than to sit (maybe with a pint of cider to hand!) and watch our Red Ruby Devons peacefully grazing the river meadow pasture.  


We sell our Ruby Red beef two or three times a year and it simply can't be beaten for marbling, texture or tenderness, having hung for 28 days to ensure the fullest possible flavour.

Lleyn Sheep


Originating in the mountains of Wales, the Lleyn (it's pronounced in about 25 different ways!) is a milky ewe renowned for multiple lambings. We have birthed quads in each of the last two years provoking joyous scenes in the lambing shed! The official Lleyn website says “She is renowned for straightforward lambing with many not requiring assistance” …..think we might beg to differ.


Lambing time is rewarding, tiring, emotional, and draining amongst other things and the dropping of the last lamb each spring leaves us with a fulfilled yet sad feeling. Come and share the emotions…….we’ll even let you make the 2 am brew! 


Saddleback Pigs


The British Saddleback is an amalgamation of the Essex and Wessex Saddleback, the latter originating in the New Forest and the former originating in Italy.


Our Saddlebacks are properly free-range. Gertie, Gary and their offspring lead an active, outdoor life, spending their summer months happily grazing, foraging, rootling and wallowing like pigs are supposed to and properly using their muscles. This means their meat has a distinctive, rich flavour and a fantastic texture, which is further enhanced and intensified by the maturing process.


Libby has mastered the art of producing the best crackling ever so be sure to pick her brains!


Pork, bacon and sausages are available seasonally.

Jon the owner with the herd of Ruby Red Cattle at Tuck Mill Barns
Ruby Red Devon Cattle Herd at Tuck Mill Barns
Ruby Red Devon Cattle Herd at Tuck Mill Barns
Child feeding the lambs at Tuck Mill Barns
Group being shown the lambs at Tuck Mill Barns
Lambs and their mothers at Tuck Mill Barns
Saddleback pigs and piglets at Tuck Mill Barns
Saddleback pigs and piglets at Tuck Mill Barns
Saddleback pigs and piglets at Tuck Mill Barns